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The Grant Tool
The GRANT tool "grants" all possible capabilities to the user. This tool should be secured with a lockword to prevent access by unauthorized users. The capabilities granted remain in effect for the duration of the session (or job).


The reason behind the statement that GRANT gives all possible capabilities is that if you use the WHO intrinsic to inspect the capabilities word (32 bits) of a give process after you have used GRANT, you will see that all of the bits have been set. Setting all of the bits corresponds to granting all possible capabilities.
GRANT should always be secured with a lockword to prevent unauthorized access. When the LPS-Tools/System Managers Toolbox is installed, GRANT will have the lockword "QUARTZ". Use the MPE RENAME command to change this to the lockword of your choice.


Program capabilities required include IA, BA, PM, DS, and PH. No special user capabilities are required to run GRANT.


Run GRANT using the supplied UDC or a fully-qualified RUN statement.
  • UDC
  • :GRANT
  • RUN

    GRANT Examples

    Following is an example of how to run GRANT.

    Figure 8.1 Running GRANT

    GRANT Error Messages

    Each GRANT error message is described in the following table.
    Table 8.1 GRANT Error Messages
    GRANT cannot run on this version of MPE, PCB size=xxx.
    Because GRANT works directly with MPE data-structures, there are checks built into it to prevent incorrect operation due to operating system changes.
    Provide the following information for Lund Performance Solutions Technical Support: your HP3000 series, operation system version, and the version of GRANT that you are using.

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