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Getting Started
If you have received an update tape, please install all files shipped in the LPSTOOLS account. During installation, several account-level UDCs are set so that each tool can be run by typing its name. The UDCs are operable by anyone using the MGR logon. If the UDCs are not used, then the user will need to issue a run statement for the tool. All of the tools in each toolbox run out of the LPSTOOLS account.
To familiarize yourself with the on-line edit facility and available function keys for each tool, refer to Appendix E, "Standard Function Keys", and Appendix F, "The MODIFY Editor". For information on the standard setting you would use for each tool, please see Appendix G, "Setting Options".

Viewing Program Version Information

To find out which version of a Tool you are using without running the Tool, issue a RUN statement in the following form:
To view the on-line help for a Tool without running the Tool, issue a RUN statement like the one above but replace the word "version" with the word "help" as in the following:


When showing syntax for statement entry, what you type is indented, bold and uppercase (in most cases). Commands or computer statements that are included within the text are in double quotes and bolded or in uppercase.
In the example sections illustrating computer output, ellipsis (...) indicate that lines have been removed in cases where that particular output was judged to be superfluous.
Words in angle brackets (< >) denote user-specified inputs (usually a filename).
Words in square brackets ([ ]) denote optional parameters.

Organization of this Manual

This manual is divided into 15 chapters and 7 appendices. There is a chapter devoted to each tool, and each chapter is organized alphabetically within the toolbox.
Each chapter includes full information for the particular tool, including operations, syntax, commands, examples, and any background topics that may assist you in using the tools.

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