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SOS Oracle Detail Datafiles

The Oracle Detail Datafiles Screen

The Oracle Detail Datafiles screen displays the first 10 datafiles in order of their activity, listing the most active first. To speed up the database, the datafiles should be distributed, if possible, based on their activity on multiple disks—even with different controllers.
To access the Oracle Detail Datafiles screen from any SOS display screen:
  • Type s from the SOS Enter command: prompt to view the Screen Selection Menu.
  • From the Screen Selection Menu, enter S (upper case). An example of the screen is shown in Figure 42.1.

  • Figure 42.1 SOS Oracle Detail Datafiles screen

    Oracle Detail Datafiles Display Items

    The Oracle Detail Datafiles data items are described in the next table.
    Table 42.1 SOS Oracle Detail Datafiles data items
    Data Item
    The number of reads.
    The number of writes.
    Blk reads
    The number of block reads.
    Blk writes
    The number of block writes.
    The size of the datafile, in megabytes.

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