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SOS Oracle Main

The Oracle Main Screen

The Oracle Main screen provides lists all Oracle instances you have added and some important metrics for each instance, as well as some aggregate statistics (summed over all instances).
To access the Oracle Main screen from any SOS display screen:
  • Type s from the SOS Enter command: prompt to view the Screen Selection Menu.
  • From the Screen Selection Menu, enter O (upper case). An example of the screen is shown in Figure 34.1.

  • Figure 34.1 SOS Oracle Main screen

    Adding an Oracle Instance

    To add an Oracle instance to the data collection:
  • Type R from any SOS screen.
  • SOS will prompt for the instance connect string. Enter a net service name or a full connect string in the form host:port:SID (Oracle’s listener port is usually 1521). If no instance name is entered, the default database instance on the local machine will be used.
  • Next, SOS will prompt for the user name. This user should have select rights on v$ performance views, ts$, and file$. The user must also have rights to create, select, delete, and insert tables (for SOS temporary data).
  • Finally, SOS will ask for the user’s password.
  • If more than one instance is configured, SOS will prompt you to select an instance each time you go to an Oracle detail screen.

    Deleting an Oracle Instance

    Instances may be deleted with the "T" command.

    Oracle Main Display Items

    The Oracle Main screen data items are described in the next two tables.

    Table 34.1 SOS Oracle Main data items: aggregate statistics
    Data Item
    The number of active sessions.
    The number of connections to Oracle.
    Opened cursors
    The number of cursors opened.
    The number of locks currently held.
    The number of commits.
    The number of rollbacks.

    Table 34.2 SOS Oracle Main display items: instance lines
    Data Item
    The instance connect string.
    The library hit ratio percentage.
    The data dictionary hit percentage.
    The row buffer hit percentage.
    The number of active sessions.
    The number of connections to this instance.

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