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SOS User Summary

The User Summary Screen

The User Summary screen displays information about resource usage by user.

Figure 21.1 SOS User Summary screen
To access the User Summary screen from any SOS display screen:
  • Type s from the SOS Enter command: prompt to view the Screen Selection Menu screen.
  • From the Screen Selection Menu screen, enter u (User Summary). The User Summary screen will display. An example of the screen is shown in Figure 21.1.
  • User Summary Screen Display Items

    The data displayed in the User Summary screen is provided for each user on the system.


    Each data item presented in the USER SUMMARY is described in the following table.
    Table 21.1 SOS USER SUMMARY data items
    Data Item
    User Name
    The name of the user.
    The Unix user identification number associated with the user.
    The total percentage of the CPU resources consumed by the user.
    Phys I/O
    The total number of physical I/Os by the user.
    Term I/O
    The total number of terminal I/Os by the user.
    The number of processes owned by the user.
    The number of sessions opened by the user.
    RSS (kb)
    The amount of RAM consumed by the user (this data may underestimate memory usage, because shared pages are not counted).
    VSS (kb)
    The amount of virtual memory consumed by the user.

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