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SOS Volume Summary

The Volume Summary Screen

The Volume Summary screen displays information for each logical volume and volume group.

Figure 14.1 SOS Volume Summary screen
To access the Volume Summary screen from any SOS display screen:
  • Type s from the SOS Enter command: prompt to view the Screen Selection Menu screen.
  • From the Screen Selection Menu screen, enter v (Volume Summary). The Volume Summary screen will display (refer to Figure 14.1).
  • Volume Summary Screen Display Items


    The data items in the Volume Summary screen are described in the next table.
    Table 14.1 SOS VOLUME GROUP SUMMARY data items
    Data Item
    Vol Group/Log Vol
    The volume group directory or logical volume special device file corresponding to the volume.
    Log Rd (/s)
    The number of logical reads per second (see "logical I/O").
    Log Wr (/s)
    The number of logical writes per second.
    Phy Rd (/s)
    The number of physical reads per second (see "physical I/O").
    Phy Wr (/s)
    The number of physical writes per second.

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