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SOS Performance Advisor

Welcome to SOS Performance Advisor

Product Features

Annual Review




System Performance Advice

Product Support

Product Documentation

User’s Guide

Online Help System

Technical Overview

SOS Performance Advisor Architecture


The Real-time Performance Data Utility

Data Screens

Screen Conventions

SOS Commands

SOS Screen Selection Menu

Screen Selection Commands

SOS Main Option Menu

Main Option Commands

SOS Detail Display Options Menu

Process Display Options

Process display option Commands

Pulse Points display options

Pulse Points display option Commands

SOS Host-specific Configuration Files


Advice Message Specification Blocks

Configuration Rules

Pulse Points - SOSADVIC File


Configuration Rules


Configuration Rules

Attribute Commands

SOS Global Summary

Graphical Format

Tabular Format

Global Screen Display Items

SOS Banner

Key Indicators of Performance (KIP) Line

Global Statistics (graphical format)

Global CPU Statistics (tabular format)

Global Misc Statistics (tabular format)

Global Memory Statistics (tabular format)

Global Disc Statistics (tabular format)

Process Information

Extended Process Display

Process Summary by Application Workloads

System Performance Advice

SOS Pulse Points

Pulse Points Screen Keys

Pulse Points Screen Column Headings

Pulse Points Screen Display Items

SOS Current Resource Trends

Current Resource Trend Screen Keys

Current Resource Trend Search Keys

CPU Trends Screen

Main Memory Trends Screen

Disc I/O Utilization Trends Screen

Response and Transaction Trends Screen

Mode Switch Trends Screen

General Comments

SOS Response Time Detail

Response Time Screen Keys

Response Time Screen Display Items

Graphical Format

Tabular Format

SOS CPU Detail

CPU Detail Screen Keys

CPU Detail Screen Display Items

SOS Disc I/O Detail

Disc I/O Detail Screen Keys

Disc I/O Detail Screen Display Items

Graphical Format

Tabular Format

SOS Memory Detail

Memory Detail Screen Keys

Memory Detail Screen Display Items

Graphical Format

Tabular Format

SOS Process Detail

Process Detail Screen Keys

Process Detail Screen Display Items

SOS Workload Detail

Workload Detail Screen Keys

Workload Detail Screen Display Items

SOS Global Process Stops

Global Stop Screen Keys

Global Process Stop Data Items

SOS TurboIMAGE Database Main

Theory of Operation

TurboIMAGE Database Main Screen Keys

TurboIMAGE Database Main Screen Display Items

SOS TurboImage Database Detail

TurboIMAGE Database Detail Screen Keys

TurboIMAGE Database Detail Screen Display Items

SOS TurboIMAGE Process Detail

TurboIMAGE Process Detail Screen Keys

TurboIMAGE Process Detail Screen Display Items

SOS System Configuration

System Configuration Screen Keys

System Configuration Screen Display Items

Globally Allowed Commands Screen

System Log Events Enabled Screen

SOS File Users

File Users Screen Keys

File Users Screen Display Items

SOS File Space Utilization

File Space Utilization Screen Keys

File Space Utilization Display Items

Graphical Format

Tabular Format


The Historical Performance Data Extraction Utility



Getting Started

Command Line Switches

Browsing SOSLOGX Reports

Extracting Data in Batch

Exporting Data to ASCII Files

Using the Logging Facility

Disc Space Utilization Formula for SOS Log Files

Creating Custom Reports

SOSLOGX Report Configuration Rules

SOSLOGX Report File Example

Printing Reports

Cumulative Process Tracking

SOSLOGX Menus and Options

The SOSLOGX Main Screen Function Keys

The SOSLOGX Report Format Selection Menu

The SOSLOGX Main Option Menu

Main Options


SOSLOGX CPU Trends Screen

SOSLOGX Memory Trends Screen

SOSLOGX Disc I/O Trends Screen

SOSLOGX Response Time Trends Screen

SOSLOGX Mode Switch Trends Screen

SOSLOGX Global Summary Screen

SOSLOGX Global Process Stop Screen

SOSLOGX Response Time Detail Screen

SOSLOGX Workload Summary Screen

SOSLOGX Disc I/O Detail Screen


SOSLOGX File Space Utilization Screen

SOSLOGX Disc Volume Screen

SOSLOGX Forecast Analysis Screen

SOSLOGX Report Card

The Report Card Screen

Report Card Configuration Options

How to Run Report Card

Viewing the Report Card

ScopeUtil File Converter

What Is Converted

Getting Started

How ScopeUtil Works

Creating the Scope Extract File

Creating an SL File with ScopeUtil

Running the ScopeUtil Program

ScopeUtil Command-Line Parameters

Process Logging Configuration Submenu

List of Files used by ScopeUtil

SOS/3000 Pulse Points

Performance Advice Message Catalog

Global Advice Messages <GXnn>

Disc Advice Messages <DXnn>

Memory Advice Messages <MXnn>

Process Advice Messages <PInn>

SOS/3000 Wait States


Wait State Description

Workload Groups

Understanding Workloads

Defining Workloads

SOSWKDEF File Configuration Rules

SOS/3000 Data Items

Using SOS/3000 in a Batch Job

Altering Process Priorities-"Q-Jumping"

Using the Q-Jump Feature


Glossary of Terms

CPU Terms

Memory Terms

Disc Terms

Network Terms

Process Terms

Wait State Codes

Index of Data Items