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SOS File Users
To access the File Users Screen from the Global Summary screen:
  • Type S from the SOS Enter command: prompt to view the Screen Selection Menu screen. You may also press F6 (FILE USERS) under the Utility Keys on the Process Detail Screen.
  • From the Screen Selection Menu screen, enter F (File Users Screen). You will be prompted for a valid filename. Do not use wildcards. After entering the filename, information similar to that in the Figure 23.1 will be displayed.

  • Figure 23.1 SOS File Users screen

    File Users Screen Keys

    Each of the File Users Screen key is listed and explained in the next table.
    Table 23.1 File Users Screen keys
    Refresh screen
    Return to Global Summary screen
    Screen Freeze
    Jump to new screen
    Help System
    Print Hardcopy
    Jump to SOS Screen Selection menu
    Execute Shell Commands
    Execute Shell Commands
    Help System
    CTRL T
    Toggle Timer Status

    File Users Screen Display Items

    The data items are described in Table 23.2.
    Table 23.2 SOS File Usage data items
    Data Item
    This number stands for the Process Identification Number (PIN). Each process is uniquely identified by its own PIN. The easiest way to locate processes is by knowing this number. A single job or session can have many processes associated with it.
    This is the job or session number associated with the particular process. If the process is a system type (not originating from a user job or session), <sys> will appear in this column.
    Session/User Name
    This is the logon sequence as initiated by the user or job minus the logon group. Once again, if the process was spawned by MPE/iX and not with a session or job then <System Process> will be shown here.
    This is the program executed by the user. Some system type program names will be uniquely identified, such as “Spooler.”
    This is the code that represents how the file is being accessed by the process. R means read. W means write. L means lock.
    File Size
    This is the size of the file.
    Rec Ptr
    This is the current record number being accessed.
    This is the number that will indicate how far a process has progressed through that file.

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