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Technical Overview

SOS Performance Advisor Architecture

SOS Performance Advisor is comprised of several programs and files. The relationships between the most significant programs and files are illustrated in Figure 2.1 and described on 7.

Figure 2.1 SOS/3000 Performance Advisor relationships between key processes and files

The SOS process displays real-time performance data to the user.

SOSMONJ is a batch job. Its function is to periodically write performance data to log files for later historical analysis. It also stores informational, warning, and error messages in the lps.log file.

The SOSLOGX process reads the log files created by SOSMONJ. SOSLOGX displays this information to the user, and also allows the user to convert that information to other file formats:
  • *.txt, ASCII text, to export data to spreadsheet applications such as MS Excel.
  • *.col, to export data to Forecast Capacity Planner, a performance and capacity planning tool by Lund Performance Solutions.
  • *.pfg, to export data to Performance Gallery Gold, a trend analysis and graphical reporting applications by Lund Performance Solutions.

  • For information about Forecast Capacity Planner or Performance Gallery Gold, please refer to the product documentation or contact your LUND account manager (see "Lund Performance Solutions Sales Team").

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