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Welcome to SOS Performance Advisor

Welcome to the SOS/3000 Performance AdvisorŽ software package by Lund Performance Solutions. SOS/3000 Performance Advisor, also referred to as SOS/3000, is the industry- standard performance monitoring and management application for HP e3000 Enterprise servers.

This software collects and measures HP e3000/MPE/iX, TurboIMAGE, and ScopeUtil performance data and provides system managers comprehensive, real-time and historical information in easy-to-read displays.

Product Features

SOS/3000 is a full-featured, performance monitoring and managing tool. The current release includes exclusive features contained only within SOS/3000 and through Lund Performance Solutions.

Annual Review

If you own SOS/3000 Performance Advisor and a current subscription to technical support, you are entitled to one free Annual Review of your HP e3000 by Lund Consulting Services for each year your system is covered by support. LUND’s system professionals will provide an expert assessment of your system’s health in the following areas: CPU, memory, disc, and workload distribution.
Each custom report begins with a Report Card, which grades each component of your system on a green, yellow, or red scale based on industry-accepted standards of performance known as Pulse Points.

An in-depth Executive Summary follows, which ties together all of the information gleaned from the 10 full-color, presentation-quality graphs included in separate sections of the report. The graphs, created in Performance Gallery Gold, vividly illustrate vital statistics affecting the system’s performance and are analyzed individually and thoroughly throughout the report.

The Annual Review addresses software and hardware upgrades, response time issues, available bandwidth for growth, and other concerns with a professional, real-world perspective. Soon after the report is delivered, a LUND performance specialist will make a follow-up phone call to answer any questions you may have about the report, expand on our recommendations, and suggest options or vendors if upgrades are necessary.


ImageStats is a new component of SOS/3000 Performance Advisor that provides comprehensive, real-time TurboIMAGE performance information. It is available as an SOS module or as a standalone program.

ImageStats displays intrinsic counts, CPU timings, and overall timings—shown per database, per dataset, and per process. The busiest databases and processes are identified as well as the intrinsics that are slowing down applications.

SOS/3000 with ImageStats delivers the facts that system managers need in order to isolate and solve application performance problems.


SOSLOGX is the historical data counterpart to sos. It provides the means for reviewing performance data stored in the log files that SOSMONJ has collected. The user interface is similar in many ways to sos. The main difference is that the SOSLOGX screens do not display current samples of online performance data. Instead, they display historical data collected by SOS.
The primary functions of SOSLOGX are:
  • To browse through the data recorded in your log files using a variety of screens. This is usually done to identify and analyze periods of system activity that may have been problematic.
  • To prepare logged performance data from the log files for Performance Gallery GoldŽ, a 32-bit, full-color graphical analysis and reporting application from Lund Performance Solutions.
  • For more information regarding SOSLOGX, see "SOSLOGX".


    ScopeUtil is LUND’s special conversion utility for data captured in Scope files on the HP e3000. It is a program within SOS/3000 that converts HP Scope Collector data to SOS/3000 collector data files (SL files). These files can be viewed through either the SOSLOGX historical data utility or LUND’s Windows-based graphing utility, Performance Gallery GoldŽ. For full details regarding the ScopeUtil feature, see "ScopeUtil File Converter"

    System Performance Advice

    The Advice Section of the Global Screen is designed to inform you of resource usage status and other significant events occurring on the system. These messages are broken down into two groups: informational and excessive.
    Each message has a reference number. When referenced in this manual or in the on-line help facility, it will provide you with a more detailed explanation of a particular event. This section can be used alone to alert you to only events that warrant attention.
    If there are particular events or information of which you want to be alerted, you can add to or alter the SOSADVIC file located in the PUB.LPS Group /Account (if you used the default installation procedure). See "SOSADVIC File".
    For example: if you want a message to be sent to your session or to the console when average system utilization exceeds 90 percent, you can alter the advice catalog so that the necessary personnel will be notified.

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    When you call, please be at your computer, have the product documentation in hand, and be prepared to provide the following information:
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    Product Documentation

    User’s Guide

    This document accompanies the SOS/3000 Performance Advisor software as a guide for the new user and as a quick reference for experienced users. This guide assumes that you have a working knowledge of the MPE/iX operating environment.

    Online Help System

    In the online Help system, you will find explanations of the many features of SOS Performance Advisor, as well as tips to guide you through the program’s basic functionality.

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