Table of Contents

Q-Xcelerator Resource Manager

Welcome to Q-Xcelerator

Product Overview

Product Support

Product Documentation

User’s Guide

Online Help System

MPE Subqueue Concepts


Standard MPE Subqueues

Quick Start Tutorial


Running Q-Xcelerator

Adding a Subqueue

Changing a Subqueue Definition

Deleting a Subqueue Definition

Showing a Subqueue Definition

Associating Users and Programs to Subqueues

Running the Q-Xcelerator Monitor Job

Global Controls

Concurrent Job Limiting

Adding a Concurrent Job Group

Changing a Concurrent Job Group Definition

Deleting a Concurrent Job Group Definition

Showing a Concurrent Job Group Definition



Generating a Q-Xcelerator Configuration Report

Setting the Lines per Page

Setting the Output File

Streaming the Q-Xcelerator Log Reporter in Batch

Generating a Q-Xcelerator Log Report

List of Figures