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Global Controls
The various global options that control Q-Xcelerator functionality comprise the Maintain Control Information submenu.
To access the global options, select Maintain Control Information (SUBMENU) from the Main Menu screen.

Figure 4.1 Q-Xcelerator Maintain Control Information Submenu screen
The Maintain Control Information Submenu screen will display the following global options:
  • Launch Monitor Job
  • Streams the batch program, QXMONJOB, which is responsible for actually enforcing all the Q-Xcelerator queue definitions that have been set up.
  • Terminate Monitor Job
  • Terminates the QXMONJOB, which also stops the QXMON program.
  • Reload Definitions
  • This option is used while QXMON is running (via the QXMONJOB program), to update QXMON with the most current Q-Xcelerator parameter settings.
  • Change Monitor Scan Delay
  • Displays the current delay time and prompts for a new delay time. The new value will not take effect until the Reload Definitions option is performed. The shorter the scan delay time, the more often Q-Xcelerator will check and adjust processes, and the more CPU time it will use.
  • Monitor Logging On/Off
  • Toggles on and off the generation of change records by QXMON whenever it modifies a process.
  • Concurrent Job Limit On/Off
  • Toggles on and off, on a global level, any concurrent job limits that have been set up. Any changes must be reloaded.
  • Exit Submenu
  • Exits the submenu and returns to the Main Menu screen.

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