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Most of us take for granted that the data we store in TurboIMAGE is safely tucked away, protected from physical or logical corruption. In reality, whenever you make use of a data storage scheme that maintains lists of related data entries, you run the risk of damaging these relationships and losing the data. The implications of making decisions based on unreliable information are far reaching. Intact Dynamic Rollback ensures database integrity.

Program Aborts and Partial Transactions

Aborts are serious problems

Even a single program failure can cause serious damage to your databases. When a program fails while a transaction is in progress, only part of the transaction will be applied to the database.
Programs can abort as a result of the following:
  • Bounds violations
  • Illegal ASCII digits
  • Stack overflows
  • Arithmetic errors
  • Modem line Dynamic Rollbackops
  • DS line Dynamic Rollbackops
  • The BREAK key
  • Image errors
  • Head crashes
  • Aborts of job from operator console for daily-backup
  • Aborts can result in partial transactions

    When a program aborts, the MPE termination software is called to close all files and databases and release any extra data segments back to the system. This causes the program to terminate, but incomplete transactions are not removed, so the databases are logically corrupt.

    Data Replication

    Intact Dynamic Rollback is a user-transparent system utility that maintains logical data integrity in TurboIMAGE/3000 databases after a program abort. When a program aborts, the MPE process that normally calls the termination software calls Intact Dynamic Rollback instead. Intact Dynamic Rollback determines whether any databases were opened by the aborted program, then, if needed, Intact Dynamic Rollback will rollback partial and/or complete transactions according to user specifications.

    Intact Dynamic Rollback is a real time solution

    Intact Dynamic Rollback is called automatically after any program abort, providing that program has been accessing an Intact Dynamic Rollback-enabled database. Because Intact Dynamic Rollback works online, it eliminates complicated and time-consuming recovery methods.
    References are made throughout this manual to Intact Dynamic Rollback’s automatic rollout of incomplete transactions after a program abort. You may assume, unless informed otherwise, that the aborted program was accessing a database previously enabled for rollback by Intact Dynamic Rollback.

    Intact Dynamic Rollback is a multi-purpose tool

    Intact Dynamic Rollback maintains logical data integrity
    Intact Dynamic Rollback ensures that the information in your databases is reliable after any program abort, so your business decisions are always based upon valid data.
    Intact Dynamic Rollback restarts jobs easily
    If a job aborts while updating a database, Intact Dynamic Rollback simply restreams the job after the cause of the program abort has been removed.
    Intact Dynamic Rollback is a programming and development tool
    Intact Dynamic Rollback’s DBUNDO intrinsic can be used in the development of applications involving databases.
  • Changes can be made directly to the database because any changes can be removed quickly and easily by DBUNDO. For example, a telephone order clerk can remove an order just entered by pressing the “UNDO” softkey (on screen).
  • Programmers will not have to worry about designing large buffers in their programs to contain all the information entered by a user.
  • Intact Dynamic Rollback is useful in a development environment on both test databases and life databases. It eliminates the need to do a DBRESTORE of the database at the end of a test. Simply specify a rollback to the last DBOPEN at the end of the test and your database will be restored to its original state and ready for the next test run. In addition, you can thoroughly test a program in the complex environment of a live system and be confident that Intact Dynamic Rollback will protect your work.

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    Product Documentation

    User’s Guide

    This document accompanies the De-Frag/X Disk Manager software as a guide for the new user and as a quick reference for experienced users. This guide assumes that you have a working knowledge of the MPE operating environment.

    Online Help System

    In the online Help system, you will find explanations of the many features of De-Frag/X Disk Manager as well as tips to guide you through the program’s basic functionality.

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