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FSCHECK - Questions and Answers
Q. What is FSCHECK?
A. FSCHECK is a utility provided by Hewlett-Packard to look for corrupted file labels and other file system problems.
Q. Why do we ask users to run FSCHECK before running De-Frag/X?
A. MPE/iX systems may have corrupted file labels that the system manager may be unaware of. Corrupted file labels can remain undetected for years, especially if no one ever attempts to access those files. Some types of corrupted labels won't even show up if you do access the files.
De-Frag/X is extremely cautious with your data. If it detects anything wrong with a file, it will skip over that file and report the error. In fact, De-Frag/X checks for these errors (and more), and using a Hewlett-Packard supported utility will satisfy the Response Center requirements for proof of a problem.
Q. FSCHECK reported several (or hundreds, or thousands, or....) of errors that look like this:
File label virtual address of corrupted file is $000000D1.$00061200.
What's wrong?
A. FSCHECK reports this particular error (153,-91) when it encounters any open files. You can safely ignore this error. Note that you really should run FSCHECK when NO other users or jobs are running.
Q. What should I do if FSCHECK encounters any other kinds of errors?
A. Save the output from FSCHECK and contact the HP Response Center for advice.
Q. Should I use the FIX option within FSCHECK to correct any errors reported?
A. NO! The HP Response Center says that you are in great danger of damaging your system if you try to use FSCHECK to do repairs. As stated above, save the output from FSCHECK and contact the HP Response Center for advice.
Q. Can I run FSCHECK in batch?
A. Absolutely not! There are situations when running FSCHECK in batch can cause system failures.
Q. Is running FSCHECK mandatory before running De-Frag/X?
A. No, we recommend running FSCHECK for customers' confidence only. However, we believe that it would be irresponsible for us not to recommend running FSCHECK.

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