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Commands List
The following is an alphabetized listing of the commands available within De-Frag/X. More detailed information about these commands is available in the on-line help facility and in the De- Frag/X User Reference Manual available from Lund Performance Solutions.

NOTE Commands flagged with an asterisk (*) are data intrusive (DI). A backup of your system is recommended before using the data intrusive commands.

Command Name & Syntax
ANAlyze [ldev] [fileset] [options...]
options :: = [NO]SIZE | [NO]SORT | MIN # | LDEV # |
Default: @.@.@ SIZE, NOSORT, MIN 1, SUMMARY
Reports file-level fragmentation statistics such as fragmentation %, pages, extents, etc.
BALance <ldev | [ONVS] vsetname> [options]
options ::= EXCEPT ldevlist |
[no]FAST | [no]LOGcopy |
[no]Quiet | [no]VERbose |
[no]WALKlts | [no]Yes | NO |
Balances set of ldevs in specified volume set
CHECKFILE <file | fileset> [FIXGID | YES | NO]
Examines the specified files for non-0 GroupID
Clears redo command stack
CLONEdisk source_ldev# TO destination_ldev# [ALLOWbigger]
Copies every bit of data from one disk to another
CONDense <ALL | ldev#> [ <CONFIRM | NOconfirm | YES> ]
Disk level defragmenter
COUNTFiles <ldev | ALL | EACH | volumeset>
Counts the files on one or all disks.
DEFRAGment <filename | fileset> [NO/TRIM] [YES | NO]
File level defragmenter
DISC [ALL] [Summary | DETAIL ] [ONVS vsetname] [BYVS]
DISCfree ldev [Summary | DETAIL ] [ONVS] ldev [Summary | DETAIL ] [ONVS]
DISK (same as DISC)
Displays miscellaneous info for one or all drives
DisplayExtents [FILE] filename [matchldev] [options]
or DE [FLAB] file_label_address [options]
[LDEV] ldev# [ entry# | ALL] [options]
Displays a list of extents for specified file
DO [prefix]
Executes the last command without editing
DSTAT [ ALLdisks ] [ONVS vsetname] [options]
DSTAT ldev [ONVS] [options]
Displays an expanded form of MPE's dstat command
DUMPFI [file#1 [ < /file#2 | #files > ] ] [options]
Displays information about files found during the most recent disk analysis
DUMPPF [page#1] [<page#2 | #pages>] [UNMOVED] [INUSE] [TRANsient] [FREE] WALKLT] [TEMP] [FILENAME] [FILENUM #]
Displays information about pages on the most recent disk that was analyzed
ECHO text
Echos the rest of the line to $STDLIST
Translates an error# into a message, using the system error message catalog
Exit or: //
Displays file info based on De-Frag/X file number
FINDPAGE <ANYldev | ldev#> page# [/page#] [options]
FINDSECTOR <ANYldev | ldev#> sector# [/sector#] [options]
Find a file with an extent that includes the specified page or sector
FINDSID <ALL | sid# | sid#/sid# | va | va/va> [options]
What objects are associated with the specified virtual addresses
FRAGMENT <filename | fileset> [TO=ldevlist]
Spreads file(s) over multiple drives
HELP < prefix >
Displays help for every command with given prefix
Lists label table for specified disk
Displays list of approximately last 100 executed commands
MAKEROOM ldev [#MB] [TO= ldevlist] [options...]
options are:
Creates specified mbytes free space on given ldev
MAP [ <ALL | ldev# > ]
Displays graphic summary of disk fragmentation
MEMMAP [ < ALL | ldev# | EACH | SUMMARY > ].
Shows what pages of the disk are currently in memory
Reports the name of the file that contains the specified disk page (if any)
Does a PSCREEN of your terminal
REDO <prefix>
Executes the last command after prompting for edits
RESET[Q] [option...]
Disables the option previously set by SET command
Reports the name of the file that contains the specified disk sector (if any).
SET[Q] [option...]
Enables the specified De-Frag/X option
SSM ldev# page#
Displays the Secondary Storage bitmap for the specified ldev and page
Typically used within QEDIT or MPEX to suspend itself and awaken its parent process
TRIM <filename | fileset > [NO]TRIM
Releases unused disk space after the EOF marker
Lists all files that were not moved by the most recent CONDENSE or MAKEROOM
USE <filename>
Tells De-Frag/X to read input from specified file
USEQ <filename>
A "quiet" version of USE which does not echo input
Displays the current version of De-Frag/X
ZOOM [ROW=]# [COL=]# [ [CHUNKS] #] < LAST | NEXT>
Displays detail info about the pages in a particular "chunk" from a De-Frag/X "disk map"

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