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Welcome to De-Frag/X, an exciting MPE/iX tool from Lund Performance Solutions. De-Frag/X is an extremely helpful and timely product that measures up to the standards you have come to expect from Lund Performance Solutions. De-Frag/X is available for MPE/iX versions 5.5 and beyond.

This brief User’s Guide is intended to provide a clear and concise overview of the features and benefits of the De-Frag/X product. On-line help also exists for your convenience. To access the De-Frag/X on-line help sub-system, simply type H or a question mark ( ? ) at the De-Frag/X> prompt. See "Reference Materials" for more defragmentation information.

Chapter 1 lays out the advantages of using De-Frag/X, any special precautions you should take before running De-Frag/X, and where to look for product support. "Fragmentation Concepts" addresses the types of fragmentation issues commonly found in the MPE/iX world. If you have any doubt that fragmentation issues affect system performance, simply analyze your system's performance, perform defragmentation and re-analyze your system's performance. You will then be able to objectively quantify the effect of disk fragmentation on your system's performance.


Lund Performance Solutions is in the business of providing software, consulting and training in the Hewlett-Packard system performance arena. As such, we have examined literally hundreds of MPE/iX systems. While it is true that there have been significant strides made in the I/O performance of MPE systems (MPE V systems have significant I/O bottleneck issues), it is not true that disk I/O bottlenecking is a thing of the past. A purist may say that all I/O issues on MPE/ iX systems disappear with sufficient main memory resources. This may be true in the theoretical realm but in practical application this concept isn't entirely true. As MPE systems have grown, the application environment has grown enormously. It is not uncommon to see systems with millions and millions of records of application data. We have seen systems with as many as 100 disk devices. As such, the ratio between disk storage and main memory has actually increased significantly. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important that MPE/iX system managers maintain a "tighter ship" from the perspective of I/O performance.


Some of the advantages of using De-Frag/X center around the fact that, to date, Hewlett-Packard does not provide the ability to perform similar functionality for MPE/iX systems. MPE/iX systems, as of release 5.0 of the operating system, will have available a CONTIGVOL command in the VOLUTIL utility program. This command only addresses issues of contiguous free space, and has some limitations at that. It is by no means a comprehensive fragmentation utility product like De-Frag/X.

Although De-Frag/X can perform its functions while users are actively engaged in application work, you may find some files that users have opened for work may very well be those files which require the most maintenance from a defragmentation standpoint. If this is the case, there is no other option than to bring those users off the system, back the files up and then perform the defragmentation maintenance.

Special Precautions

While we at Lund Performance Solutions have developed the De-Frag/X product with the highest regard for the integrity of user data, it is very important to understand that we are performing tasks which are considered privileged in nature and are not available through Hewlett-Packard supported file system interfaces. Because of this, (and we cannot stress it enough,) be sure to perform system backups before executing any of the data-intrusive De-Frag/X commands. Additionally, we recommend that you run the Hewlett-Packard provided utility, FSCHECK.MPEXL.TELESUP, both before and after performing any of the data-intrusive commands. This program will analyze and report the status of the file system and any problems associated with file labels, etc.

NOTE You should run FSCHECK when NO other users or jobs are running.

To encourage this practice of running FSCHECK first, De-Frag/X programmatically restricts data- intrusive functions if FSCHECK was not run first. (You may override this restriction by using the RESET FSCHECK statement before executing any of the data intrusive-commands). Please see "FSCHECK - Questions and Answers" for more information regarding FSCHECK.

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    Product Documentation

    User’s Guide

    This document accompanies the De-Frag/X Disk Manager software as a guide for the new user and as a quick reference for experienced users. This guide assumes that you have a working knowledge of the MPE operating environment.

    Online Help System

    In the online Help system, you will find explanations of the many features of De-Frag/X Disk Manager as well as tips to guide you through the program’s basic functionality.

    Reference Materials

  • Taming the HP3000 - Volume 2. Copyright 1992 by Robert Lund, Albany, Oregon, USA

  • SOS/3000 Performance Advisor (for MPE/iX systems) User Manual. Copyright 1999-2000 by Lund Performance Solutions, Albany, Oregon, USA

  • For additional information regarding fragmentation problems and corrections, go to the Allegro web site:

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